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Dynamic Actions: Notifications (Alert&Confirm) [Oracle APEX 18.2]

Continuing our series of dynamic action posts, we'll look at how to use the Notifications (Alert&Confirm) in Oracle Application Express (APEX). As a practical example, we'll generate alerts when some mouse events are performed on a button. Notifications We have two types of notification actions in Oracle APEX: Alert and Confirm. Alert: Displays an alert message, with a single Ok button. Use to display information that must be responded to, by pressing the button, but continue

Dynamic Actions: Set Style [Oracle APEX 18.2]

Continuing the previous post, we will now be talking about the Dynamic Action - Set Style This Dynamic Action lets you define a style property (CSS) for the affected elements. Its use is very simple and very useful in some cases. Let's take a practical example. Case Study Suppose there is a sellers table with the percentage commission that is allowed for a particular sale. In this case, we want to validate whether or not a commission is in the amount allowed for the seller. L

Dynamic Actions: Set Value [Oracle APEX 18.2]

There are several reasons to love Oracle Application Express (APEX) and in this post we will see one of these reasons: Dynamic Actions - Set Value But... what are dynamic actions? Dynamic actions in APEX allow developers to declaratively define client-side behavior even without knowing JavaScript. With dynamic actions you can set a value for an item, hide or display a region based on developer-defined conditions or events, all very simply. Set Value In this post - which will

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